Polyhymnia (O-12)

Residences & Houses for sale in Mykonos

Polyhymnia (“the one of many hymns”), in Greek mythology, was the Muse of sacred poetry, sacred hymn and eloquence as well as agriculture and pantomime. She is also known as the Muse of mime. She is depicted as very serious, pensive and meditative, and often holding a finger to her mouth, dressed in a long cloak and veil and resting her elbow on a pillar. She brings fame to writers whose works have won them immortal fame. Polyhymnia is also sometimes accredited as being the Muse of geometry and meditation.

The Polyhymnia Residence Complex consists of three residences equally sized (each one having a surface of approx. 180 sq. meters, not including auxiliary storage rooms & Pool engine rooms) and it’s situated between the top of the hill and the beach road, offering an outstanding view over Mykonos Town, Troulos and Tinos island. All residences have approx. 1.200 sq. meters of terrain with individual swimming pools.